About Email Expert Academy

One day we realized that there are few programs, if any, that teach people how to do email marketing well. Sure, you can learn how to use a product, but where do you learn how to be an A+ email marketer?

Email Expert Academy was created to fill that need, by a team of people who have been doing – and learning about – email marketing since the email marketing industry began. We’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t work. We’ve seen some truly awful marketing emails, and we’ve seen some really good ones. We’ve decoded everything for you.

Our mission is to make it easy for small business marketers, owners, and entrepreneurs to do world-class email marketing that gets results – and we deliver. No wacky promises that you’ll make a million dollars in a week, no crazy suggestions that it will be simple – just practical, down-to-earth, and occasionally entertaining training that will help you build your marketing muscle so you engage your leads and get them to buy from you when they are ready to buy.

That’s what Email Expert Academy is all about. We hope you’ll be joining us.

Your trainers:

Kim Albee

Kim Albee

Kim brings a depth of technical and practical marketing knowledge as well as an innate ability to see the big picture to Email Expert Academy. That’s a big deal when developing an email strategy that is going to engage and guide leads through their buying process.  Kim is a sought-after speaker and presenter who has spoken at many of the marketing industry’s top conferences, and has made it her personal mission to make marketing simple and accessible to everyone who needs help.

Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson

Margaret is a teacher by nature and a marketer by profession – the perfect combination for Email Expert Academy. With an intuitive ability to understand all types of businesses and their potential customers, coupled with her love of helping people succeed, she guides you in the process of guiding your leads through your email strategy. Throughout her career, she has been recognized for both sales and marketing accomplishments. She’s also a bit of a grammar nerd.

About Genoo LLC

The company behind Email Expert Academy is Genoo, which was formed 2008 to bring enterprise-class marketing products and services to the small and mid-sized business market for an affordable investment. Our flagship product, Genoo, and our WordPress plugin product, WPMktgEngine, includes features normally only available in very expensive and difficult platforms.

In addition to our software platforms, we provide professional services, including Content Strategy Engagements, websites, and monthly marketing support, and in 2016, we expanded our offerings to include two online courses: ContentZAP Academy, in which we teach our bulletproof method of doing a rock solid, no kidding content strategy, and Email Expert Academy, in which we teach ALL of the secrets to being an A+ email marketer.

Everyone, no matter the size of your organization or your budget, should be able to do world-class marketing. Our mission is to equip you to do just that.